Study Rooms

Study rooms are available for checkout at the Research & Information Desk. Study rooms are checked out on a two hour time limit per day. No more than five patrons allowed in study room at any given time. Late fees ($2.10) apply for returning the key after the two hours have expired. A replacement cost of $10 will be applied for any lost key. A clean-up fee ($10) will be applied for rooms left in a disorderly manner. Patrons are responsible for adhering to the Library Rules of Conduct and study room privileges may be revoked by library staff for violation of said policy. Reservations can be made up to and including one calendar week ahead of time, with a maximum of two reservations in that same time period. Special room reservation consideration given to The Read to Succeed program. Contact the Research & Information Desk @559-685-4503 for reservation information?

Jane Zikratch
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Guidelines for Meeting Room Use

  • To use the Library's meeting rooms, users must submit a Library Meeting Room-- Application for Use Facility form two (2) weeks prior to the event/meeting date.
  • The Library Meeting Rooms' primary purpose is library programming.
  • Fundraising events are not permitted unless sponsored by the Library, Friends of the Library or the Tulare Library Foundation.
  • Meetings planned by a company to promote, advertise, or leading to the sale of its products and services are not permitted.
  • Events may not interfere with library operations
  • Refreshments may be served, but no alcoholic beverages are allowed
  • All users shall be responsible for the repair and/or replacement of equipment or property damage beyond normal wear.
  • Waste should be placed in the proper receptacles and utensils cleaned and put away. The Library reserves the right to charge an additional cleaning fee if facilities must be cleaned.
  • The Library cannot supply storage space.
  • No tacks, pins or tape are allowed on the painted walls or white board.
  • Groups may cancel their reservations at any time and should notify the Library as soon as possible.
  • Recurring meetings may be allowed. Reservations for a recurring event will need to be renewed every calendar year.
  • Users must provide all of their own meeting supplies including dry erase markers, paper products, kitchen utensils, coffee, etc.
  • The Library does not assume liability for injury or damage to personal property.

Fees, Times of Use and Liabilities

  • The Olympic room is available for use by the public only when the library is open.
  • Rental Fees: Council Chambers - $65 per hour, Olympic Room - $25 per hour, Charter Room- $35 per hour.
  • There is an additional $20 technology fee for use of any library AV equipment.
  • Payment must be made before the meeting or event.
  • The Library is not liable for injuries or damages resulting from use of the Olympic Room.
  • Maximum seating for the Olympic Room is 65 persons, for the Charter Room is 14, and the Council Chambers is 115.


The name, address or phone number of Tulare Public Library may not be used as the official address or headquarters of any organization except those affiliated with the Library.

The use of the meeting room by a non-library group shall not be publicized in such a way as to imply Library sponsorship of the group's activities.

Any groups or individuals who fail to observe any of the above conditions may have future meeting room use denied.