Everyone must have their library card with them to check-out any item.

Patrons may have 25 items checked-out at one time.

Patrons are responsible for lost or damaged items including any late or processing fees that apply.

Standard check-out lengths and limits

3 Weeks

Books (3 per subject)

Books on CD/Tape (6 per card)

Music CDs (15 per card)

Language Collection (3 per card)

Children Book and Tape sets (6 per Card)

Christmas Collection (3 per card)

Video Games (3 per card)

1 Week (unless otherwise noted)

DVDs (15 per card)

Encyclopedias (3 per card)

Magazines (6 per card)

Library Use Only

Reference Books


Laptops (conditions apply)

Headphones (1 per card)

  • Patrons may check-out once a year without their card (must have another form of ID); this will be noted on their account
  • Items may be renewed 2 times; in person, over the phone, or online
  • Items may not be renewed if on request by another patron
  • DVDs labeled "NR" (not rated) or "R" (restricted) will not be checked-out to minors (under 17) without parental/guardian permission.
  • Late charges are $.25 cents a day per item
  • Accounts owing more than $10.00 will not be allowed to check-out