You may now receive email notices from the library about items requested, overdue, lost, etc. Follow the instructions below to begin receiving notices by email, to stop receiving notices by email, or to change your email address.

Start/Stop Email Notifications

Email Notification FAQs

Q. Why is the library offering Internet email notification?

A. Library users have requested this service as a convenience. Email notification will also reduce the library's postage expenses for those who have been receiving notices in the US mail.

Q. How does Internet email notification work?

A. When something you have requested is ready for you to pick up, the library will send you an email notice. The notice will list the title(s) being held, the library holding the materials and how long the materials will be held for you. You will also receive email if you have items that are overdue or have been declared lost.

Q. Can I receive notices both by email and also by US mail?

A. No. You must choose one method.

Q. My email has a spam blocker. Will that interfere with my receiving notices from the library?

A. When you click the "Submit" button in the form just above a message is sent to the email address you gave us. If you don't get it your email service may have placed the message in your "junk/bulk" mail folder instead of your in box. If that happens try adjusting your spam or junk mail settings so that email from kibounce** (replace ** with @) is sent to your in box.

Q. What if my email address changes?

A. Once you have signed up to receive email notices using the form above you can change the email address to which notices are sent by logging into your library account and clicking on "Review Address/PIN".

Q. Can all the members of my family receive their notices at the same email address?

A. Yes, but privacy may be a concern. If family members share one email address, then all persons with access to that mailbox will be able to view the notices sent to that email address