Tulare Public Library welcomes children of all ages. The library is a public building and, as such, everyone is welcome. We ask patrons to help us keep the library a safe and pleasant place for children by adhering to the following policies: Parents are reminded that they are responsible for supervising their children's access to Library materials. While the staff members are always available to lead young people to interesting materials selected with children's interests and needs in mind, it shall be assumed that children who visit the Library unattended are authorized to use the full range of materials available to all library patrons.

  • Unwelcomed interaction with minors is prohibited in the library. Parents should speak to their child(ren) about personal safety. Children should know they can always come to a library staff member if another person is making them feel threatened or uncomfortable.
  • All computers are filtered to block web sites with adult content, including but not limited to those with sexual themes. No filter is fool-proof, however. If a patron is on a web site that library staff deems inappropriate, they will be asked to exit the site immediately. Attempts to return to the same sites or bypass the filtering system may result in loss of computer privileges. We advise parents and guardians to refer to the library's Internet Safety Tips for more information on Internet safety for children.
  • Children must know how to reach an adult in case of an emergency; both children and adults should be aware of library hours. At closing time, the proper authorities will be notified to escort unattended children from the library. Children must also follow the Library Rules of Conduct established by Tulare Public Library.